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Special Hours 2024

Sun 3/31/2024 Closed
Mon & Tues 4/22,23/2024 Open
Mon & Tues 4/29,30/2024 Open
Mon 5/27/2024 Open
Mon 9/2/2024 Open
Thurs 11/28/2024 Closed
Wed 12/25/2024 Closed
Mon & Tues 12/30,31/2024 Open
Wed Thurs & Fri 1/1,2,3/2024 Closed


hare scramble will be moved to tomorrow and not sunday!

2023 info sheet


Race for points!!!!!Race Series CHAMPION cash purse of $2000.00!!!!!!

Alvins Offroad Playground is excited to announce that we will be using the same point system as the AMA (American Motorcycle Association) with our 2023 race series. This point system will be used to determine the CHAMPION of each class for the race series. A total of 3 races. The racer with the most points in each class right after the 3rd and final race will be that class’s CHAMPION! Each race series CHAMPION will have a cash payout. Alvins Offroad Playgrounds Race Series purse is $2000.00 Thanks to the MX Photography company Capture Photography.
This does not include prizes and giveaways.*
1st Place 25 Points
2nd Place 22 Points
3rd Place 20 Points
4th Place 18 Points
5th Place 16 Points
6th Place 15 Points

Join Alvins Offroad Playground for a family fun Competitive day!

Bragging Rights for Years!!!
• We have mapped out NEW routes throughout our property for a timed race.
• Everyone will race on their own, except the peewee class so you can watch your little one to victory. The winner of these races will be based on lap time. Each participant will get 2 chances to be timed around the course, and their best time will be entered!


Pee Wee-(1yr-7yr) Quads-110CC< Dirt Bikes-110CC<

Junior-(8yr-11yr) Quads- 400CC< Dirt Bikes- 124CC 2Stroke< 150 4Stroke<

Super Mini-(12yr-14yr) Quads- 600CC< Dirt Bikes- 125CC 2Stroke< 250CC 4Stroke

Teen-(15yr – 17yr) Quads- 800 CC< Dirt Bikes- 250CC 2Stroke< 450CC 4Stroke

Adult-(18yr +) Quads- Any Dirt Bikes- Any

Open Big Cash Payout -(14yr- 99yr) Quads- Any Dirt Bikes- Any (All one Class)

Open Small Cash Pay Out – (1yr-14yr) Quad- Any Dirt Bike- Any (All one Class)

Open Big Timed MX track lap. (14yr- 99yr) Quads- Any Dirt Bikes- Any (All one Class)

Open Small Timed MX track lap. -(1yr-14yr) Quad- Any Dirt Bike- Any (All one Class)

*$10.00 Gate fee per individual. 3 & under free.
*$40.00 BYO Day Pass (All riders racing or not need this & must be displayed on helmet face covering.
*$30.00 per Race Class
Spectators free.
Schedule (approximate times)
Registration 9am-10am
Practice 9am-11am
Pee Wee 11:10am-11:50am
Timed MX track laps 12:00-1:30
Junior 11:50am-12:30pm
Super Mini 12:30pm-1:10pm
Teen 1:10pm-1:50pm
Adult 1:50pm-2:30pm
Big Open 2:30pm-3:10pm
Little Open 3:10pm-3:50pm
Award Ceremony 3:50pm-4:30pm


1st Place Receives
Family BYO Passes (6), Alvin’s bandana, Medal, and Trophy.
2nd Place Receives
BYO Pass (1), Alvin’s bandana, and Medal.
3rd Place Receives
T-Shirt and Medal

Bounce Houses will be open and ready to bounce! 

Paintball Shooting Range is firing off nonstop and will be on this day as well! $10.00/100 shots 

Hayride shuttles to and from racetracks and parking lots for spectators. 

Refreshments are TBA  

If you aren’t participating in the event at a certain point, you can ride whilst you wait for your time slot.

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