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All ATV Tours are required to arrive at least 30 mins early to their reservation time. Long pants & closed-toed shoes are required!

Cancellation Policy: !!!!! WARNING!!!!! If you make a reservation, you must call 48 hours in advance to cancel or make any changes to your reservation. If you do not cancel within that time frame, there will be no refund.

Alvin’s Off Road Playground FAQ Sheet

1) Am I going to get dirty while on the tour?
a) YES, It is all part of the fun. Please bring appropriate clothing, long pants, and closed toe shoes. This is required to ride here at Alvin’s Off Road Playground.

2) Are there Dirt Bikes available for rentals?
a) No, at this time Alvin’s Off Road Playground is not offering Dirt Bike rentals.

3) What is included in the 1 Hour tour?
a) Helmets, full head masks, and a whole lot of FUN!

4) What do I need to where?
a) Long pants, and closed toe shoes. (Sneakers/Boots)These are required, to ride here at Alvin’s Off Road Playground. Reason being is always your safety!

5) Is this a safe activity?
a) Yes, but with the thrills come major safety risks. ATVs can be unstable and hard to control, particularly at high speeds. Our tour guides are always doing what is the safest for them and our customers. They maintain safe speeds and distances among numerous other safety procedures.
If customers follow direction of the Tour Guide, than there should be no concern for safety. As a reminder this can be a dangerous sport, and as always ride at your own risk.

6) How fast are we going to go?
a) Our Tour speeds vary on terrain and trails. On our straight tracks with precaution the ATV’s can get to speeds of 20-25 MPH.
b) In the case that you are new to ATV’ing our Tour Guides will go a speed in which you are