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All ATV Tours are required to arrive at least 30 mins early to their reservation time. Long pants & closed-toed shoes are required!

Cancellation Policy: !!!!! WARNING!!!!! If you make a reservation, you must call 48 hours in advance to cancel or make any changes to your reservation. If you do not cancel within that time frame, there will be no refund.

ALL BYO Customers must make a reservation in advance to ride.
Limited spots available. This is for the entire season. 

Bring Your Own Machines To Alvin’s

Have your own machines and looking for a place to ride because there is no where to ride near you, or need somewhere new to ride? Alvins Offroad Playground is inviting families and groups with at least one child 14 years old or younger participating in your group to bring your own ATVs, Dirtbikes, SideXSides, go carts, and other offroad vehicles to ride for the day! Free Roam our 70 acre property without a tour guide on our own machines. The property is geared more towards the intermediate to beginner leveled riders. We always welcome riders that are just starting out to use our fields to get used to their machines.


  • $30.00/ Driver or Passenger – All Day Pass (9am-5pm)
  • 5 & Under FREE
  • Group, Law enforcement, Military, public servant, and cash discounts (Subject to holidays & blackout dates)
    Reservations not required.


Our 70-acre property includes 2 circular tracks (Dirt & Sand), & small figure eight track, multiple sections of wooded trails, hills, fields, and straight runs. All of which you get to ride on here at our Offroad Playground

The property has a long history of ATV, 3 Wheeler, and snowmobile rentals. Maybe you have visited this property before when it was Alvins Rentals or Long Pond Rentals. If not, WELCOME!


  • Must have at least one participating child that is 14 years old or younger in your group.
  • Everyone must wear long pants, closed-toe shoes, and DOT approved helmet (not provided by Alvins)
  • 5 mph speed limit in the parking lot.
  • 30 mph speed limit in Playground (My radar gun works. Does yours?)
  • When riding slower always stay to the right.
  • Always pass at low speeds and to the left.
  • All main roads are one way and in a counter-clockwise direction.
  • Always stop and look both ways before exiting trails.
  • Wooded sections have no set direction.
  • Be kind and courteous to everyone. Other guests/customers and employees alike.
  • Never pass a Guided Tour unless otherwise instructed to do so by a tour guide.
  • There must be someone 18 or older present on property while children are riding.
  • Absolutely NO donuts, tail whips, rooster tails, wheelies, alcohol or drug use, rough play, playing chicken, purposely kicking up dust, littering, going to the bathroom outside, cutting other riders off, and verbal or physical fighting. 

3 Strike Policy!

  • 1st strike you will get before your day starts when check-in at the office and are notified on what is and is not allowed on the property.
  • 2nd strike will be given when an act is performed during the day that brakes a rule.
  • 3rd strike and your out. After you perform the same act or brake another rule you will be asked to leave the playground.

Alvins Offroad Playground practices the right to refuse service, and dismiss anyone from the property for any reason.

Water Truck

Alvins currently has a 4000-gallon water truck to spray the roads to help with dust.
We feel this is important information to you so you can help keep everyone safe. Please steer clear of it.
Pass at slow speeds when filling up.