All participants including bring your own machines,
are required to wear long pants and closed toed shoes.

All ATV rental participants must arrive at least
30 minutes earlier than their tour time.



Enjoy Off-Road Riding At The Off-Road Playground Of The Poconos

Enjoy Off-Road Riding At The Off-Road Playground Of The Poconos

Off-Road Playground

Off-Road Playground

Check off your bucket list here at Alvin’s Offroad Playground 1 Hour ATV Tours

Spend an hour riding the offroad trails of the Poconos, on a 70 acre property. This is a Guided tour. Everyone will be required to follow the tour guide at all times. Tours start off slow in a straight line, and as the tour guide sees that everyone can follow the rules and handle the machines they will add difficulty and speed.  Every tour is different, and is based on skill level. So weather you are a beginner or a experienced rider we cater to all. Reservations are highly recommended. Walk ins always welcome, however based upon availability. 

Tour Times

10:00 am
11:00 am
1:00 pm
2:30 pm
4:00 pm

Thursday – Sunday
(Check Winter Hours)


  • Driver:
    $85 + taxes & fees
  • Passenger:
    $35 + taxes & fees

Group, Law enforcement, Military, public servant, and cash discounts.
(Subject to holidays & blackout dates)


  • 2017 Kawasaki Brute Force 300s
  • Automatic machines (like and automatic car)
  • 4 Wheels
  • 22-25 Mph
  • Gas & Helmets included.


  • Everyone must arrive 30 mins early to any reservation.
  • Everyone is required to wear long pants and closed-toe shoes!.
  • Everyone must wear DOT approved helmet (included in the rental, or you can provide your own but must be DOT approved).
  • Everyone 18 years or older must fill out their own Liability Waiver upon arrival.
  • All minors 17 and younger must be listed on the back of a adults Liability Waiver.
  • Only one Driver and one Passenger are allowed on one machine at a time.
  • Drivers and Passengers combined weight may not exceed 350 Lbs (We will check weights).
  • Drivers must be 14 years old and be able to handle machine (It is at the tour guides discretion to judge whether someone can or cannot handle the machine).
  • Participants ages 5-13 are strictly Passengers.
  • Any participating minors must have a Parent or Guardian on Alvin’s property for the duration of their tour.

3 Strike Policy!

  • 1st strike you will get before the tour starts when the tour guides give you a full rundown on the machines, how they work, and what you can and can not do with the machines.
  • 2nd strike will be given when the act is performed on the tour that brakes a rule that was given by the tour guide.
  • 3rd strike and your out. After you perform the same act or brake another rule the key will be taken out of the machine you are on and you will have to walk back or ride back as a passenger to the office.

Machines should be treated with respect as if you were renting a car.


All customers are responsible for all damages besides normal wear and tear.
All machines are checked each morning, and a machine inspection checklist is completed.
This records all previous damages before the day starts.
All damages must be paid for in full before leaving the playground.